COVID19 Free Tools From Northwest Voip

Dear Potential Clients,

Northwest Voip is responding to the COVID19 pandemic in unprecedented ways to help our hosted PBX clients transition from centralized office worker environments to distributed work from home environments. We have offered our clients direct around the clock support in their transitions and now we’d like to extend that help to clients that were considering our services before the outbreak. Even though you may be on a different phone platform right now we’d like to help you with some of our services free of charge for the next 60 days. We can help you transition to work from home environment with the following tools:

Free Help Now

Video Conferencing

During the first days of the pandemic as part of our response we opened our video conferencing system to every Northwest Voip customer for free. We’re now prepared to do the same for our potential clients.

Enhanced Voicemail 

All of our phone plans come with enhanced voicemail that allows you to receive your voicemail via email as transcribed text and an attached audio stream. Northwest voip can deploy this solution for you as part of a phone plan or as part of a standalone product. We can offer your business free voicemail to email services as part of your pandemic response plan.

Unified Communications Through Forwarding to Mobile 

Northwest Voip can provision one number that goes to an automated attendant which can in turn forward calls to your home workers mobile devices. This shields your workers private numbers while maintaining a centralized number for your clients to reach you. * Fair use limits apply. Again, another service we'd like to offer businesses who need to send staff home. 

Extended Help With Your Commitment

Times of crisis are difficult and considering a change for your business is even more so, however at Northwest Voip we believe a commitment from you deserves a commitment from us. If you decide to let us help you migrate your users to work from home and commit to migrating your regular phone service to us** we’ll provide you with our entire suite of hosted products free of charge for 60 days.

This includes:

Hosted PBX

Northwest Voip has always lead the way in hosted phone systems. Let us transition your workers to work from home environments and then upgrade your office to a more robust an full featured phone system that’s ready for the next challenge. See more about hosted pbx features here:

Soft Phone Access

Soft Phone access to our hosted telephony and PBX platform. Your workers can discard their phone and work from any PC, while still accessing voicemail and the company dial plan. As partners with Counterpath , a premier softphone provider, we can provision and deploy phones to your workers rapidly. See more about the Bria softphone here:

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