Northwest Voip COVID-19 Response

Dear Valued Customers,

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you our COVID-19 continuity plan and also explain some of the measures that we’ve taken to help enable your own response plans.

Northwest Voip Continuity Plan

At Northwest Voip we have always maintained uptime and vigilant network management as one of our core principals. To that effect, we have taken measures to ensure business continuity throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. Some of the measures that we have taken are:

  • As of Monday, March 16th all employees will be working in isolation of each other.
  • All employees working from home will have redundant connectivity to the Internet.
  • All employees working from home will have multiple out-of-band methods of communicating with customers and amongst themselves.
  • All data center locations have the capacity for extended periods of back-up power and cooling.
  • All data center locations have multiple redundant Internet carriers.
  • All carriers and vendors have been asked to submit continuity plans to Northwest Voip for review.
  • All employees have been cross-trained to take over the basic duties of each other should any one of them become incapacitated due to illness.

How Northwest Voip Can Help

Northwest Voip has always maintained a flexible telephony platform. Handsets in most cases can be taken off premise to other locations in a worker isolation scenario. Baring that Northwest Voip can also help provision soft phones for work-from-home scenarios.

We have also set up a shared video conference server that can allow teams to video conference, share desktops, chat and invite outside callers to a meeting. During the COVID-19 crisis Northwest Voip is providing this service free of charge. All that is required is a web browser, speakers, microphone, and a web cam if desired. Outside participants can also be invited via phone.

To access the conference server you will need to go to the following URL in any web browser: . Contact for credentials

Our support ‘how to’ article has further details on how to use the video conferencing server itself. Click here to access the article:

Please also see our 'how to' article on how to work from home: 

As always please call support at 604-637-3269 during regular support hours or email us anytime at to start a ticket.


Mike Fraser